Rediscovering My Work

by on Nov 11, 2013 in Betty Ross
After re-organizing my work from 35 yearsZion Light and Dark-17 and re-vamping my website, I’ve decided that landscape is the alpha and omega for me –it’s where I start and where I seem to end up, even in the tangle of abstraction. A watercolor landscape class in Rochester-week long, had me hooked by Friday. The medium is perfect for rapid decisions, and not much fooling around. Years before that, I had painted in oils in Seattle with a wonderful abstract painter as mentor, and completed a few images that I still harbor, can’t quite discard. It wasn’t my medium. Acrylic often with added gel medium could give the effects I wanted and allow for spontaneity. A still life of daisies, and a street scene on Queen Ann Hill, heavily worked are still in my storage, also a large pencil drawing of the harbor in Mytalini, heavily influenced by Larry Rivers. Out of the pantheon of painters, Matisse and DeKooning rule. Graduate school and family took precedence for a while, and involvement with costume design and making. I was once told that I couln’t do both, costume and paint, and had to decide which path. I Couldn’t choose., and glad I didn’t. The colors and textures of fabric, the translation of words on the page to clothing actors, the discipline of deadlines and the pleasure in construction benefited my studio work, although often time-consuming and distracting. Travelling to wonderful spots, reading widely and trying to write imagist poems also Support my work.. If all else fails, sweep the studio! With our hands we make a second nature.


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